I’m tired of cliché boredom fixes. I have sifted through countless blog posts saying the same redundant things over and over. Nothing specific to say, as if there was no time or effort put into coming up with the activities listed, all lacking original thought. Cook something. Read something. Watch a movie. Clean something. I crave an article that includes content I haven’t read over and over, and my guess would be that you do too. Specific things that come to my mind when I’m bored are as follows:

  1. Watch Tiny kitchen videos — How do they do it?! I mean, you know how, because you literally watch the recipe come together wondrously before your eyes, but it is still mind boggling how they make each recipe true to the real thing and so small at the same time! I am a sucker for all things miniature, so if you’re anything like me, you’ll be mesmerized by these petite little eats.
  2. Watch ASMR videos — ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response — some people get a tingly feeling from their scalp all the way down their spine and it can be triggered by certain sounds or visual images. These videos aim to trigger that response in people with ASMR. I don’t have it, but I do like to watch purely for the satisfaction of the images. There’s paint mixing, kinetic sand slicing, all kinds of slime that people manipulate with their hands, etc. So, if you do have ASMR, you’ll shortly realize it if you haven’t already. And, if you don’t have ASMR, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy anyway.
  3. Watch The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross –This may also trigger ASMR due to the soft, calm tone of the painter’s voice, the tapping sound of the brush, the visual of the paint mixing, and the brush gliding over the canvas. It is a great de-stresser to watch even one episode of this show. Not only that, but you get to watch a gorgeous piece unfold out of nothing, right in front of your eyes. Although, I may be a little biased because I, myself, love to paint.
  4. Read The Happy Life Checklist by Amy Spencer — Now, I checked this book out from my local library in the self-help section of the non-fiction shelves. I realize this doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to have it at your local library, or that you have a library card and are willing to go to the library. But, I felt the need to include it as a great boredom buster because there is always a chance that someone will have access to it. And there is always a chance that someone who has access to it will feel like reading it. This book isn’t a boring chapter book that is “blah” and will take forever to read. You can flip through it at your own pace and find something pleasant to do on any given page. The entire book is a list of things you can do to enrich your life as it is right here and now. Some of my favorites include:
    • Get a happy hat
    • Eat a rainbow meal
    • Finish the heck out of something
    • Have an ‘out of body’ day
  5. Decoupage — it is the art of gluing colored paper cutouts onto something for decoration. The possibilities with this are as limitless as your mind allows. You can decoupage dishes, picture frames, furniture, and even make your own tile coasters, as I’ll show in a future tutorial on this blog. You’ll need mod podge and a brush, scissors, a sponge, a varnish or acrylic sealant if you’re doing furniture or something that is sturdy, and the paper cutouts. The paper designs you can get anywhere; magazines, scrapbook paper, printed designs or photos, newspaper, old book pages, wrapping paper, etc. Not only is this a great way to entertain yourself, but you step away from the experience with something personalized and unique to you.

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